Best wedding venues around Sydney – Part One

 If you’re getting married around Sydney you might want to check out these wedding venues! 

Choosing the right venue for your dream wedding is definitely one of the most important things you have to decide on! Today I’d like to show you some beautiful places where I photographed some of my favourite weddings in the past two years. 

Sydney Dance Lounge

Let’s start in the middle of the city! The Sydney Dance Academy doesn’t only offer a little room where your ceremony can be held but also a quite spacious dining room for about 100 guests. Alternatively you can have your ceremony outdoors at the wharf or close by at the Sydney Uni which makes a beautiful location for your couple photos, too!

Nielsen Park Kiosk

The Nielsen Park Kiosk is the perfect location for a smaller wedding. If you’re having your wedding here there is no need to travel from one location to another: you can have your ceremony in the park overlooking the beach and then just stroll over to the restaurant for your party!

Sunnybrook Barn

The Sunny Brook barn at the Sydney Polo Club in Richmond is about an hour drive from Sydney CBD but totally worth it if you’re planning to have a rustic wedding. The old oak tree is a lovely spot for your ceremony and the barn itself fits about 100 people.

Watson’s Bay Hotel

The Watson’s Bay Hotel is one of those places which has it all: hotel rooms for your getting ready shots, a tree close by where your ceremony can be held, an outdoor area for your guests to mingle before dinner, an amazing interior and big windows for a room flooded with light.

Andrew Boy Charlton Pool

Really? You can have your wedding party at the Boy Charlton Pool? Yes, you can! The Poolside Cafe is definitely one of my most favourite wedding venues because it is so special! Surrounded by the Botanical Gardens and lots of water (yeah, there is a big pool!) this venue definitely makes a lovely scene for your wedding photos.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my favourite wedding venues – stay tuned for part two! xx

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